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When We Lose a Loved One... 

It can be hard to move on when we lose a loved one.   Sometimes we are caught in our grief, sometimes we are filled with anger.... most times we are uncertain that they are okay, or that we didn't say enough to let them know how much we loved them.  

With Firefly Mediums, you have the opportunity to connect with your loved ones in an afternoon orevening of love, healing, understanding, laughing and moving forward.   Connecting you with your loved ones, Firefly Mediums bring forward messages of hope, support and the trust that your loved ones are still with you.   

Janice Moffat and Catherine Graham have been giving group readings as a unit since 2017, for groups as small as 30 and as large as 500.   Working together, they are able to bring forward the messages that you need to hear in a safe, loving and often humorous way.  

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